Nicole Nolting

My curriculum is based on civic media, social justice, and non-profit communications. Furthermore, my participation in volunteer organizations (both through Beautiful Social in school and overseas through Cultural Solutions) has opened my eyes to a world of community and personal relationship development. I am also interested in design and travel. Much of my studies and experience have centered on blog and content writing, visual content development, social media platforms, web design, and event planning.

I am very familiar with many digital platforms, specifically those that involve video, audio, and picture editing. I am confident in my ability to deal with these digital platforms and softwares, but am interested in expanding my communications experience through a design or personal relationship company in order to help expand my knowledge. I’m a self-starter who works well alone or as part of a team to get the job done. I love to interact with people of all different backgrounds, and feel confident that an opportunity in PR, Marketing, or Social Justice would suit my personality well.

Professionally dressed Nicole poses for a business portrait